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MATTIK "Luxury Livin"

Luxury living, the American dream, few reach the level of success that will allow them to live in the life of luxury that they visualize. As for the rapper known as MATTIK, he has devoted his self to chasing, and reaching his dreams. His new song “Luxury Livin’”, is a smooth melodic tune about the life. It’s a track that puts you in the middle of a high priced fantasy. His delivery and lyrics combined with the mood of the music, is an awesome display of what hiphop used to be. He repeats the phrase “work hard baby shoot for the stars” encouraging his audience to keep pursuing their dream to make them reality. I found myself relating to his message of constantly working our way to the top one day at a time. We all strive and hope for a better life, than the one we live in day to day, but few of us consistently move toward the finish line. Some of us give up right before we win the race. This track gets 2 thumbs up from me, because it displays the full package. Lyrics, delivery, awesome beat selection, and motivational substance. If you haven’t given MATTIK a listen, then you are doing yourself an injustice. Don’t say I didn’t tell you, MATTIK is on his way to the top of the game.